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Our Vision

Stadion-Event is one of the biggest annual conferences in South Germany and its key focus is encouragement, healing and restoration. In 2003, Pastor Hans-Peter Zimpfer (Christengemeinde Freiburg) received the vision for this event when he was at a conference in Bogota, Columbia. He witnessed how a congregation filled a stadium with 60,000 people and worshipped God with all their heart. Since then, Ps Hans-Peter’s heart began to burn to see halls and stadiums filled with people who worship God, receive healing, salvation and are set free. Hence, the name of the event is titled “Stadion-Event” (“stadium-event”), implying the vastness and width of the conference's vision. Our desire is to worship and encounter God with other Christians, while being challenged and set free by Jesus Christ.

Das Stadion-Event Team

Hans-Peter Zimpfer
Event Management
Ps. Hans-Peter Zimpfer leads and carries the vision of the Stadion-Event. He is a passionate Christian and has been pastor of the Christengemeinde Freiburg since 2007. His heart beats for people and the gospel of the kingdom of God, therefore, his biggest aim is to live in discipleship and equip people with biblical practices, leading them to find their identity and freedom in Christ.
David Heinke
Event Coordinator

David Heinke ist seit Mitte 2008 in der Christengemeinde. Mittlerweile ist er stark in den Bereichen Video, Film und Lehre tätig. Beruflich ist David im Betrieblichen Gesundheitsmanagement zuhause. Sein Herzensanliegen ist es den Charakter Jesu zu leben und weiterzugeben. 

Diana Praszel
Event Coordinator
Diana Praszel has been working in Administration, Media and Events for the Christengemeinde Freiburg since July 2013.  Prior to her full time employment at our church, she worked as a consultant for a food wholesaler. Her desire is to see people changed by the love of God.


Stadion-Event is hosted by the Christengemeinde Freiburg. Our congregation is a charismatic congregational chapel with more than 500 members and 650 people visiting our services. Our vision is to win people for Christ, strengthen and equip them and then release them into further missions.

Christengemeinde Freiburg e. V.
Ziegelhofstraße 200
79110 Freiburg-Lehen

Telefon    0761 / 8 40 06

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